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About Us

We are Ventus Technology - We are the Future

VBot Social Marketplace is a technological platform by Ventus Technology S.A.S and was created with the intention of classifying the information of all robotics in the world so that all people can have access to it, regardless of their knowledge in robotics high, medium, low or none.

VBot is a commercial network and a community around the 4.0 industry that interacts and connects through the VBot social network so that we can all connect, share, interact, learn, create and market everything related to this innovative and surprising industry to world level!

Today we focus on being part of the development of the 4.0 industry.

We are ready to fly!

VBot functionalities

The main functionalities that you will find in VBot Social Marketplace are:


Interact with robotics fearlessly and create incredible solutions for a better world.

Do you want to build your own drone?
Do it yourself! and remember that you have a whole drone community to support you.

What do you need to create? In VBot you will surely find it:

  • Imagining incredible solutions for a better world
  • Be curious
  • Find expert advice
  • Feedback your ideas
  • Prototype your inventions
  • Market your creations

You are in the world of 4.0 industry!

Buy and share your experience with the community through the VBot social network.

Find what our VBot commercial network has for you:

  • Drones
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Applications
  • Services
  • And More

A successful networking awaits you!

Connect and share with the VBot commercial network and drone community:

  • Experiences
  • Knowledge
  • Ideas
  • Updated information
  • Academic content
  • and much more!...

If knowledge is power, learning is your super power. Jim Kwik

We are a drone community of knowledge. You just have to be curious and self-taught so that in VBot you can connect with classified information related to what you need

Learning is for everyone. we are unstoppable! and the best thing is that we are ready to fly!

When we learn together we can achieve:

  • Cooperation
  • Inspiration
  • Incredible solutions
  • Knowledge community
  • Produce more knowledge
  • A better world

Frequently Asked Questions